The programme is a collaboration between the Universities of Belgrade, Columbia, Exeter, Leipzig, Oxford, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and University College London. This partnership has recently been awarded a major Arts and Humanities Research Council Grant (2014-18) to address the relationship between decolonisation and the global influence of socialism. The research will be led by members of these organisations – meet the team here.

Further expertise will be provided by an experienced international advisory board. This will consist of Prof. Matthias Middell, Prof. Dame Caroline Humphrey DBE, FBA, Prof. Nicola Miller and Prof. David Engerman.

We also seek to create links with those interested in understanding this moment of major political, economic and cultural transformation from different regional perspectives.


The silkscreen print poster in our Banner was created by Medu Art Ensemble (designer: Judy Seidman), The People Shall Govern,  Botswana/South Africa, 1982. (Creative Commons licence)
Created in commemoration of June 26, 1955, “Freedom Day”; the day the Freedom Charter was signed in Kliptown South Africa; drawing based upon a photograph of people at the Kliptown Congress of the People in 1955, taken by Eli Weinberg (photo in Weinberg’s Portrait of the People).