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Reluctant Internationalists

The Reluctant Internationalists project inspects the history of international collaboration and ambitions of medical professionals, politicians, generals, diplomats and policy-makers in twentieth century Europe. This four-year project, funded by Jessica Reinisch’s Wellcome Trust Investigator Award, examines the origins of such policies, consequences and lasting legacies.

Throughout the century, concerns about public health crises (real or imagined) were primary catalysts for international solutions, structures and mechanisms, which spurred or forced policy-makers at local and national levels into international action, often reluctantly.

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The Parallel History project

Moses Kotane’s remains are being repatriated from Russia, back to South Africa

Anti-apartheid hero Moses Kotane’s remains are to be repatriated from Russia, back to South Africa. Kotane was buried at the prestigious Novodevichy cemetery in the capital of what was then the Soviet Union. In the following decades, the apartheid regime collapsed and a new millennium dawned but one woman never forgot Kotane or gave up on bringing him home. Rebecca Kotane, now 103, is about to see her last wish come true when her husband’s remains are returned to African soil. read more in the Guardian’s recent article: