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The Hungarian Studies Association’s Mark Pittaway Best Article Committee has selected Professor James Mark’s and Dr. Peter Apor’s  essay “Socialism Goes Global: Decolonization and the Making of a New Culture of Internationalism in Socialist Hungary, 1956–1989” as the winner in the highly competitive selection that consisted of over a dozen nominated articles published during two calendar years (2014-15) on any theme related to Hungarian Studies.

You can read the full article here free, for the next month.

 This is what the awarding committee had to say:

The Committee was very impressed that your research places the post-1956 communist Hungarian period in an explicitly transnational context and in doing so, it successfully moves away from the all too frequent exclusively regional interpretations. You successfully draw on an extremely broad set of sources that included oral histories, popular (TV and print) sources as well as numerous schools of traditional historiographies. Your analysis offers nuanced differentiations on how the statist prerogatives run afoul of popular grassroots appropriations among others, regarding Chile, Cuba, and Vietnam.